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Why Cantier?

Company Overview.

Today, the manufacturers aspire to improve their factory efficiencies, they are in need of several layers of Software applications such as ERP, HR, Factory Planning & Scheduling , MES, QMS, etc. Generally, these Manufacturing Applications are expensive and not integrated.

To serve global manufacturers, we have established Cantier with the mission to provide Integrated Web-Based Manufacturing Software at an affordable price. We have formed a team with proven experience in Factory Operations, Quality, Manufacturing Domain combined with skills in Advanced Software Development to create the Industry Specific Cantier Manufacturing Software Suite.

Common Problems:

Mostly large Manufacturers had already implemented Generic ERP Solutions but their shop floor is still partially automated or still use high-cost Legacy Systems or completely manual. SME Manufacturers, on the other hand, are still looking for an affordable integrated solution that addresses both business and shop floor needs.

Cantier Solution

To address these challenges, Cantier developed a configurable and highly-scalable Cantier MES that includes real-time operations monitoring and quality management, and execution capabilities in a single platform. For the SMEs, Cantier developed a fully integrated software, Cantier ERP One, to help manage and control their manufacturing activities from shop floor to top floor at an affordable price. The above industry-specific Cantier’s solution effectively minimizes your customization, thus, resulting a reduced Implementation timeline and cost.

Our Products

Makes Cantier #1 Manufacturing Software Solutions Worldwide

Manufacturing Software - MES

CantierTM MES

Your Gateway to World-Class Manufacturing

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Cantier™ ERP One

CantierTM ERP One

A Simple Web-Based Integrated Manufacturing Suite

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Our People

We are committed to continuously take part in discovering and enhancing the skills of our personnel to primarily address customer’s concerns, to constantly improve our products, and ensure employee’s retention for business and operational continuity.

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