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Key Challenges in Automotive & Aerospace Manufacturing Industry:

The Automotive & Aerospace Manufacturing Industry has evolved into an intricate linkages of dependencies across the entire industry, where decisions at any process often impact various other processes. At the same time, consumer preferences and sophistication are shifting at a growing rate. In order to meet this need, the industry, the manufacturers and OEMs, must shorten time-to-market, while maintaining focus on delivering the varying demands of different customer segments and controlling costs. Cantier MES has custom-fitted solution to address the challenges in the automotive industry today.

Some other challenges in the industry include:

  • Complex demands to be more efficient, customer-oriented and high-quality product
  • Mitigating risks from product recalls and costly warranty claims
  • Understanding car concepts of the future
  • Learning new techniques by collaborating with related industries
  • Stress to standardize due to industry globalization
  • Maintaining competitiveness

How Cantier Manufacturing Suite can help you?

Seeing all these dynamic changes in the automotive industry over the years, Cantier anticipated this rapid diversification as manufacturers are facing increased demand for improving efficiency and simultaneously maintain or even exceed the strict international quality standards to remain in business. This resulted in a never ending generation and collection of large amount of production data that becomes even more challenging to organize and translated into an advantage to continuously improve quality and cost. Cantier is part of this learning process and gained unprecedented insights and experience and assist the industry to grow further.

Cantier MES’ as a tool is designed to record, collect, and organize data from the shop floor and across the business.

Cantier’s vast experience in the automotive industry in combination with Cantier MES tool, puts us in best position to deliver integration services in almost all manufacturing stages, starting from a new model launch or introduction to on-going and up to mainstream service delivery to your valued customers.

Furthermore, for manufacturers to achieve capital efficiency, having complete visibility of the shop floor thru the MES is critical. Therefore, having a seamless communication with ERP, or by taking advantage of the built-in Cantier ERP modules, is very important. This combination provides management real-time view of sales orders, control of inventory costs, and timely action on work order changes, etc. on the production floor.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Enable real-time visibility

  • Enhance product quality and traceability

  • Achieve Just-in-time Inventory

  • Reduced Cost & Risk Compliance

  • Measure operational performance using OEE

  • Shorten time to market

  • Improved Profit Margin

  • Provide visibility & reporting

  • Improved decision-making

  • Stabilized supply chain


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