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Business Intelligence

Manufacturers are leveraging on IIoT sensors data to improve their operational efficiency, quality improvements and equipment effectiveness. IIoT plays a vital role across all manufacturing industries. Manufacturers implement Sensor Data Analytics to analyze their production environment and also to monitor their products in the market to improve their support services and hence increase their upselling.

Cantier MES WIP module collects huge data during the production processes like machines used, operator, materials, defects, in-process quality data and others. Quality data collection module continuously collects data from metrology equipment and serial connections. Equipment maintenance module collects and monitors the equipment’s parameters to proactively perform predictive maintenance.

In order to fully understand their shop floor, it is inevitable to analyze all the data sources with context. With right Business Intelligence (BI) tool that is tightly embedded with Cantier MES, we can help manufacturers to make timely decision with KPI based dashboards.

Partnering with Microsoft’s Power BI and Qlik, we offer integrated industry 4.0 solutions to our customers as embedded inside Cantier MES.


  • The dynamic alert capabilities within most business intelligence solutions can ensure that users are instantly notified when an out-of-control incident happened

  • BI would allow in-depth analysis of all production and QA processes so as vital patterns and trends can be uncovered, and issues can be corrected as quickly as possible

  • To make timely decisions with KPI based dashboards

  • Help summarizing the voluminous data with context to take immediate actions

  • Cantier MES with embedded BI simplifies and reduces the cost of implementation