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Cantier Cloud Solutions

Reduces your upfront Software Investments Using CantierTM Cloud Computing

Increase your organization’s efficiency with Cantier Cloud Computing. A Cloud-based workflow and file sharing applications makes update in real time and, provides full visibility of collaboration among your peers.

As long as you got an internet connection, you can be at work anywhere and anytime at your convenience. Greater security is ensured especially when problem occurs in your machine such as lost laptops or other recording devices, because data is stored in the cloud, you can just access your data again.

Experience a streamlined operation with Cantier cloud computing and stay ahead of competition.

Cloud Computing is a disruptive change to the way IT services are delivered… it is about shifting to the third compute model in the evolution of IT.

Service Lifecycle Management based on a Dynamic Infrastructure is the foundation for managing Clouds. A solid Cloud Computing Architecture is required to successfully and economically manage Clouds.

  • Open standards based architecture for the buildout of private, public and hybrid Clouds
  • Management of IaaS-, PaaS- and SaaS Clouds
  • Build for seamless integration into existing customer’s environment

Features and Benefits

  • Security and the benefits of scale: put simply, all kinds of security measures are cheaper when implemented at larger scale.

  • Security as a market differentiator: Security is a priority concern for Cantier cloud customers; many customers will make buying choices on the basis of the reputation for confidentiality, integrity and resilience and the security services offered by a provider. This is a strong driver for cloud providers to improve security practices.

  • Standardized interfaces for managed security services: Cantier cloud can offer a standardized, open interface to MSS providers. This creates a more open and readily available market for security services.

  • Rapid, smart scaling of resources: The ability of Cantier cloud provider is to dynamically reallocate resources for filtering, traffic shaping, authentication, encryption etc. to defensive measures has obvious advantages for resilience.

  • Audit and evidence-gathering: Cantier cloud computing (when using virtualization) can provide dedicated, pay-per-use forensic images of virtual machines which are accessible without taking infrastructure off-line, leading to less down-time for forensic analysis. It can also provide more cost-effective storage for logs allowing more comprehensive logging without compromising performance.

  • More timely effective and efficient updates and defaults: Default virtual machine images and software modules used by customers can be pre-hardened and updated with the latest patches and security settings according to fine-tuned processes.

  • Benefits of resource concentration: Although the concentration of resources undoubtedly has disadvantages for security, it has the obvious advantage of cheaper physical parameterization and physical access control (per unit resource) and the easier and cheaper application of a comprehensive security policy and control over data management, patch management, incident management, maintenance processes.

CantierTM Cloud Computing is your best partner and option to reap the real benefits of keeping abreast of cloud technology.