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Cantier Systems Pte. Ltd Recognized as APAC CIO Outlook 10 Most Promising ERP Solutions Provider -

Cantier ERP One

Manufacturing Software - ERP One

A Simple Web-Based Integrated Manufacturing ERP Suite

An Integrated Manufacturing ERP Solution

CantierTM ERP One is designed to help manufacturers to manage and control their manufacturing activities from shop floor to top floor as a single integrated solution at an affordable price.

Key Modules: Financials, Fixed Assets, Sales Order, Purchasing, Inventory, MRP, Master Production Schedule, Shop Floor Management and Control. These modules are designed to adequately handle manufacturing functions yet trim enough not to burden their limited resources. With this package implementation, manufacturers will soon experience and reap the benefits of productivity gain with inventory reduction, thus improving their profits and cash flow that otherwise would not have been possible previously.

ERP alone without MES poses challenges and therefore can impact sound decision being rendered by management. Lack of integration and visibility into the plant floor will result to inability to efficiently meet the demands of a fast-changing global marketplace. The lack of MES will only lead to manufacturers resorting to entering data in different entry systems which in totality are both costly and inefficient.

MES is vital to manufacturers to attain seamless communication with ERP. This enables management to have visibility into orders, control inventory costs, and act on up-to-date order changes, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Positively impacts financial closing

  • Lower cost of software acquisition and ownership

  • Accuracy equates to credibility towards customers, partners and stakeholders

  • Ease of running your business with real-time insights

  • Timely decision-making based on real data

  • More efficient purchasing and approval – a paperless process

  • Improves labor productivity

  • Real time view of shop floor to top floor

  • Traceability


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