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Manufacturing Software - ERP One

A Simple Web-Based Integrated Manufacturing ERP Suite

Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Optimizing and allocating Production materials

Material Requirements Plan (MRP) ERP Software breaks down Customer Order and or Sales forecast quantity into component material requirements. Using the latest product BOM explosion is done to compute the gross materials requirement. Current inventory and outstanding purchases are considered to calculate net requirements. Based on suppliers’ acceptable Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and delivery lead time, actual part purchase quantity is adjusted, and a Purchase Requisition is created for management approval. In this manner, the system helps you to deliver parts on time while maintaining inventory and Work In Process (WIP) to an optimal level.


  • Makes sure materials are available for every build before start of production

  • MRP allows to generate Material Purchase Request

  • Compare different demand forecasts for the available resources

  • When delays do occur, management has instant visibility and the system will automatically reschedule the production date and provide new estimated delivery date

  • Plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities

  • Work order generation directly from the MPS to Shop Floor


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