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Manufacturing Software - ERP One

A Simple Web-Based Integrated Manufacturing ERP Suite

Sales Order Management

Manage your order to payment process

The Cantier Sales Order Management ERP Software will provide your company with the tools necessary streamline the order to payment process, while reducing operating costs, driving higher levels of Customer Satisfaction and improving profitability.

The module has coverage across Sales Quotation, Order Entry, Delivery and Invoicing.


  • Sales Associate, Sales terms and payment mode per Customer

  • Products

  • Quotations

  • Sales Orders

  • Sales Returns

  • Sales Invoices

  • Reports


  • Having data organized when you need it means higher productivity from the sales and customer service teams

  • Higher labor productivity translates to lower cost or the ability to reallocate resources to key accounts or grow the business with the existing resources

  • Productive resources can better implement sales and marketing strategies

  • The above benefits should result in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty


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