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Manufacturing Software - ERP One

A Simple Web-Based Integrated Manufacturing ERP Suite

Shop Floor Management & Control

Managing your Product Specification and WIP

Shop Floor Management and Control MES Software manages BOM, Process Flow (Route), Job Order, Lot Traveller, Quality and Packaging functions in the shop floor.

WIP Tracking captures the relevant data as part of the lot history including:

  • Batches/serial ID of material components used and replaced
  • Operator who worked on the lot
  • Machine/tool ID used in the process
  • Defect/rework breakdown


  • Start Job Order based on Manufacturing Order

  • Generation of Lot Traveler Card (LTC) which may be viewed online

  • Generate Material Issuance Request (Pick List) to communicate material needed to process the Job

  • Split JOB into multiple lots

  • Move lot following the defined process flow


  • Provide manufacturing operators order of production per equipment

  • Daily dispatch List by work center

  • Makes sure adequate resources are available for every build before start of production

  • Reduces labor cost associated with documenting and reconciling the error prone paper and pencil or spread sheets of the past

  • By eliminating potential conflicts on the factory floor, improves throughput while maintaining the lowest possible WIP inventory level

  • When delays do occur, management has instant visibility to issues and the system will automatically reschedule the production date and provide new estimated delivery date

  • Plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities


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