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Farm to Fork Traceability & Regulatory Compliance Represent Significant Challenges for the Food & Beverage Industry

There is a proliferation of international & national government standards, private food initiatives, as well as attention to food safety from the news media and social media. For the Food and Beverage Industry, this means food recalls are now considered an inevitable cost of doing business.

Standards created by the WHO (World Health Organization), the FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act), the CDC (Centers For Disease Control), the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and others are driving higher levels of food safety awareness. Higher standards combined with higher awareness, equals more Costly Food Safety Recalls. When a food safety issue is detected by consumers, Immediate Traceability is the government requirement and Customer expectation.

Another challenge faced by the Food and Beverage Industry is the limited shelf life of the raw materials. Being able to trace when the food ingredients were produced, delivered and when they will expire is critical to assure food product safety.

Cantier MES for the Food and Beverage Industry:

Cantier Industry 4.0 Ready MES, is a Single, integrated Manufacturing Suite that encompasses Product Configuration, Planning & Scheduling, WIP Traceability & Genealogy, Data collection, SPC, DCC & Equipment Maintenance Management.

Taking data directly from the equipment using IIoT devices, Cantier MES can help the factory react immediately so every day problems do not become a crisis. Our data collection module allows for effective use of tools like Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP).

Cantier MES provides decision makers use these tools to reveal new ways achieve the highest levels of product quality and safety, while simultaneously driving lower levels of cost and higher profitability.

Assuring your factory is performing to the established standards and having the evidence at your finger tips, means that when a food product recall does occur, you can quickly isolate the discrepant material and quickly pull it from the shelves, minimizing impact to the Customers and cost to you.


  • Real-Time Farm to Fork Traceability : Track any product past or present across the entire supply chain. Traceability includes personnel, genealogy of materials used, processes and equipment utilized, quality data collected, anomalies, dates and times.

  • Reduce Risk Exposure to Quality Incidents : Cantier MES ensures that the right raw material, correct tools, equipment and parameters are used, preventing costly quality incidents. The Cantier SPC module helps food and beverage manufacturers to take full advantage of tools such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), as well as Sanitation Operating Procedure (SSOP).

  • Improve Yield/Reduce Scrap : With real time data collection directly from Manufacturing Equipment, Metrology Equipment, IIoT Sensors and others, the factory has the ability to perform root-cause-analysis, establish preventive solutions and drive down defects.

  • Audit Compliance : Easier compliance to Customer, International and National Food Safety standards.

  • Increased Capacity : Capacity improvements are a result of improving Yield, Equipment Uptime, Machine Speed and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

  • Reduced Cycle Time/Improved On Time Delivery : With the right resources allocated optimally and keeping the equipment uptime high, Cycle Time reduces and making deliveries On Time becomes predictable.

  • Improved Supply Chain : Reduce upstream and downstream supply chain disruptions through real-time information and seamless integration with ERP Supply Chain modules.

  • Increased capacity : Capacity improvements are a result of improving Yield, Equipment Uptime, Machine Speed and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

  • Shop Floor to Top Floor Visibility : With the ERP/Financial integration using the Cantier MES, all levels of management have the real-time visibility to the Shop Floor and the Financial impact.

  • Total Cost of Ownership : Cantier\s industry specific integrated MES suite eliminates multiple software licenses and upgrades, integration cost and customization requirements.

  • Flexible Hosting : Cantier MES is available both On Premise and Cloud.


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