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Key Challenges in Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry:

The food manufacturers recognize the importance of food safety. In addition, they are conscious about the consequences of food safety mismanagement. While manufacturers are taking the necessary measures to eradicate food-related threats to a certain degree, unfortunately, these efforts have not solved the prevalence of incidents of food borne illnesses, recalls or at worse business closure.

As most food products have an expiration date, knowing when to manufacture a product requires a tighter schedule that the manufacturing of durable goods. Therefore, it’s important to have processes in place to make sure the raw materials needed to make the product are available and that the quantity of product being made is adequate to fulfill Customers’ orders and will be able to be shipped before its expiration date.

To know when to manufacture a food product you need to:

  • Know what products to manufacture and when
  • Calculate the quantity of raw materials needed to manufacture finished good
  • Know what it costs to make the finished good
  • Track all raw materials that are used in manufacturing the finished good
  • Adjust inventory for raw materials and finished goods

How Cantier Manufacturing Suite can help you?

Cantier MES provides an integrated, highly-customizable and highly-scalable solution for both the small manufacturers and medium MNC manufacturers. It has two built-in modules for compliance with international F&B regulatory standards such as FDA’s FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act), Global Food Safety Initiative Standards (i.e. BRC Global Standards for Food Safety, Seventh Edition, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP)). Cantier MES is an integrated solution that can stand up to third party certification audits.

Improvement on food product traceability in production to quickly identify defect-affected lot or batches and ultimately improves your manufacturing processes.

In addition, the Cantier MES includes Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and equally important Equipment Maintenance Management System (EMMS) which ensures continuous supply of the quality raw materials and enables scheduled and unscheduled equipment interventions, respectively. The effective use of EMMS can greatly improve your equipment uptime, effectively lowers maintenance cost while use of the MRP helps in the equipment utilization and improves productivity.

For manufacturers to achieve capital efficiency in their production, having complete visibility of the shop floor thru the MES is critical, hence, seamless communication with their ERP is very important. This provides management real-time view of sales orders, control of inventory costs, and timely action on work order changes, etc. on the production shop floor.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Risk reduction

  • Improve product quality consistency

  • Reduce manufacturing and post manufacturing costs

  • Tracks lot combines and lot split

  • Tool for 3rd party certification audits


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