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SMF Visit to India

SMF Visit to India

January 12 2017

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) has appointed Mr. Prabakar Paneer Selvam, Cantier President & CEO, as its Mission Leader in a visit to New Delhi, India last January 12, 2017. The SMF visit was hosted by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI).

SMF, formerly known as the Singapore Manufacturers’ Association, was first established in 1932. Its main aim is to champion the Singapore manufacturing sector. With a membership of over 2,800 corporate members ranging from MNCs to SMEs, SMa carries out a myriad of activities to enhance the competitive edge of our members.

PHDCCI, a leading Industry Chamber of India, ever since its inception in 1905, has been an active participant in the India Growth Story through its Advocacy Role with Government of India and State Governments. As a true representative of the Industry with a large membership base of 48,000 direct and indirect members, PHD Chamber has forged ahead leveraging its legacy with the Industry knowledge across 58 Industry verticals being covered through Expert Committees.