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Industry-specific Suite

An easy-to-deploy, off-the-shelf, configurable solution Industry-specific Manufacturing Software

The Cantier Industry-specific Manufacturing Software is conceptualized and designed to be configurable to address different manufacturing industries’ requirement, thus, enabling the quick implementation with very minimal customization, when necessary.

Each industry has its own unique requirement to collect different sets of real-time information for real-time evaluation and real-time decision.

The traceability of the process, raw and semi-finished materials are mandatory in manufacturing.

On the other hand, just-in-time inventory is key to both continuous and discrete processes in minimizing unnecessary cost of overstocking and avoid delivery delays in under-stocking.

At finance and management point of views, the shop-floor visibility is equally important to achieve world-class manufacturing.

The Cantier Solutions

The CantierTM MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) helps manufacturers to automate shop floor activities. The real-time information of production processes such as Quality, Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Planned Versus Actual (PVA) Costing, Work-In-Progress (WIP), Finished Goods (FG) Out-going Quantity and Shop Floor Inventory (FI) are collected and analyzed on-the-fly to meet and exceed customers’ ever-changing and increasing demand.

The Cantier MES is designed to generate the essential time schedule and manufacturing plan. This ensures completion of each and every individual parts and sub-assemblies thereby quality and delivery commitments is assured.

Hence, Cantier MES plays an essential role to ensure manufacturers deliver the product quality, on-time delivery, instant traceability and strict compliance to international standard governing bodies while maintaining optimal operational cost to ensure their market competitiveness.

This ERP One implementation enables SMEs to experience and reap the benefits of increased productivity combined with inventory reduction, resulting improved profitability.

With these considerations in mind, Cantier™ Manufacturing Software is developed to be configurable for different industries’ unique demand and requirement.


  • Increased accuracy of manufacturing information

  • Better product traceability

  • Better understanding of equipment utilization and OEE

  • Reduced manufacturing cycle time and late customer shipments

  • Quick isolation of bottlenecks, constraints reduction & higher capital productivity

  • Real-time visibility of manufacturing floor & Inventory to finance and management

  • Environmentally-friendly, Paperless manufacturing

From a broad perspective, using Cantier manufacturing Software , manufacturers can expect significant improvements in bottom line profitability, on time delivery, and better quality products.

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