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Instrument Interface

Instrument Interface Adapter module will allow you to capture data from raw data files, serial ports, and others. Typically, equipment/devices have been attached to a computer where these raw data files are stored during inspection or assembly operations. Using Instrument Interface data are being directly captured as well from some serial devices such as measurement gauges, barcode readers.

Sample Raw Data CSV file

Sample Raw Data CSV file

File Monitoring & Parsing

Some equipment/devices only allow data capturing through a file format such as CSV, text file, etc. With this case, the Instrument Interface module makes the process easy. Instrument Interface service continuously monitor the file, capture the data and store in the centralized database. While the data is being transferred to the database, alerts on out of control can be made based on the business rules.

Parsing engine is a powerful feature of instrument interface. The text file formats or comma separated files are read, convert into a meaningful data and be stored in the database with the relational structure where values can be captured using SQL queries. This module includes parsing templates that contain textual data with parsing boxes defining the values to be extracted and converted to numeric, data or boolean values.


  • Centralize the data from various devices

  • Avoid creating several line Software codes to manage those file based data management.

  • One tool for several types of format such as text, CSV, Serial, etc.

  • Avoid expensive equipment direct interfaces like SECS/GEM while there are files stored in the equipment/device’s computers

  • While data being captured, alerts can be made when out of control or out-of-spec happens.