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Cantier MES Software

Cantier MES provides a cost effective, state of the art, fully integrated MES software suite.

Document Control Center (DCC)

Managing Documents based on QMS Standards

Cantier Document Control Center MES Software (DCC) solves the above problems in a comprehensive solution. DCC both centralizes all needed documents and makes only the latest revision of each document available to other tools within QMS and other Cantier System modules. DCC can accept multiple document formats such as, CAD/CAM Files, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, as well as photo formats, video formats and others. Examples of the data that can be retained in DCC:

  • Raw Material and Manufacturing Specifications
  • Customer and Internal Control Plans
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Setup Checklists
  • Equipment Maintenance Procedures and Checklists
  • Packaging and Labelling Instructions
  • Etc.


  • Paperless approval, customized to your individual factory hierarchy

  • Electronic documents can be sent to multiple approvers simultaneously

  • Cycle time limit per approver can be set and auto reminders generated

  • System allow for approvers to delegate approval authority during absences

  • Alerts can be auto generated prior to document expiration

  • Process Lot Start Inhibit can be activated if critical documents expire

  • Templates can be used to force standardization within the factory


  • Eliminates the need for paper routing

  • Cycle time & labor productivity improvement in critical business processes

  • Can be used as a tool to measure approvers speed of execution

  • Drives compliance to ISO, QS, regulatory, legal and other standards

  • Improved Traceability

  • Drives document standardization across the factory

  • Helps position the factory to be Audit Ready at all times

  • Environmentally sensitive products? Less paper means less particulates


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