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Cantier MES Software

Cantier MES provides a cost effective, state of the art, fully integrated MES software suite.

Equipment Maintenance System

Reduce unscheduled downtime and improve profitability

Second to human resources, the only most important asset in a manufacturing facility is its Manufacturing & Facilities Equipment. The Cantier Equipment Maintenance MES Software provides users with a set of tools needed to track and improve equipment performance in the factory. The system manages both scheduled and unscheduled equipment maintenance activities. Equipment Maintenance helps companies monitor and improve OEE, thereby increasing their ROI while decreasing operational costs.

Features & Functions

Work Order Management

Cantier EMMS keeps track of both preventive maintenance (PM) schedules and Corrective maintenance (CM) actions through Work Orders, allowing companies to quickly respond to unplanned downtimes as well as maintain maintenance schedules.

  • Maintain a list of all pending and open work orders
  • Create maintenance schedules with tasks and frequency
  • Automatically set PM schedules based on PM definitions
  • Assign technicians to perform preventive or corrective maintenance
  • Request spare parts and supplies for maintenance orders
  • Report equipment problems in real-time
, Start, put on-hold, report progress, complete, and buy-off maintenance orders

Equipment Logs 

Cantier EMMS keeps track of equipment availability and activity to provide supervisors and managers accurate data of their machines. EMMS can also directly link with the equipment and create real-time equipment activity logs automatically.

  • Keep track of equipment status and activity
  • Determine downtime and unavailable hours based on logs
  • Can be done manually or through an automatic link with the machine

Equipment Problem Knowledge-base

Cantier EMMS keeps a repository of common equipment problems for machines, along with associated tasks and corrective action, allowing companies to standardize maintenance ac1on and streamline repairs.

  • Maintain a list of equipment problems for all machines, along with tasks and supplies
  • Create a flexible repository of work instruc1ons for all equipment problems
  • Define specific problems per machine or per part
  • Reports aid supervisors in equipment problem analysis

Spares Requirement Planning

Cantier EMMS breaks down preventive maintenance schedules and generates requirement plans for spare parts and supplies, in order to ensure that all maintenance schedules as well as unforeseen breakdowns are dealt with quickly.

  • Maintenance definitions are stored in EMMS
  • Generates an SRP based on the maintenance schedule and required supplies
  • Tracks spares part inventory and requirements to determine purchasing quantifies and schedules

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) 

Cantier EMMS calculates OEE based on the machine’s availability, productivity, and quality of outputs. OEE allows companies to quickly see how good their machines are and facilitate continuous improvement.

  • OEE computes availability based on equipment downtimes
  • OEE computes productivity based on the machine’s output per day
  • OEE computes quality based on rejects on finished goods


  • Tracks machine/tools conversions and set ups

  • Records can be analysed to identify recurring issues

  • Records can be used to identify technician training issues

  • Can be used in part for technician performance appraisal

  • Standard Dashboard/report such as MTBA, MTBF, MTTR, OEE and more


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