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Cantier MES Software

Cantier MES provides a cost effective, state of the art, fully integrated MES software suite.

Factory Planning and Scheduling

Optimally allocate resources

Cantier’s Factory Planning MES Software facilitates highly detailed factory floor production planning, while ascertains seamless communication tie-up with Cantier ERP Module and/or your existing ERP system to update your factory Work-In-Process (WIP) work flow and inventory status in real-time with full visibility.

Material Requirements Plan (MRP)

Breaks down Customer Order and or Sales forecast quantity into component material requirements. Using the latest product BOM explosion is done to compute the gross materials requirement. Current inventory and outstanding purchases are considered to calculate net requirements. Based on suppliers’ acceptable Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and delivery lead time, actual part purchase quantity is adjusted, and a Purchase Requisition is created for management approval. In this manner, the system helps you to deliver parts on time while maintaining inventory and Work In Process (WIP) to an optimal level.

Capacity Requirements Plan (CRP)

Breaks down Customer Order and or Sales forecast quantity into machine and tool requirements. Using the latest Routing, the system computes machine and tools hours requirement. These are transformed into machine units considering the factory shift calendar.

Finite Capacity Scheduling

Calculates how much work can be produced in a certain time period, taking into consideration resource constraints (materials, equipment, tools and people) and generates a line loading plan. The goal of finite capacity scheduling is to make real time adjustments to ensure that work proceeds efficiently throughout the plant.


  • Shop calendar defines workdays and holidays

  • Automatic Work Order/Job Order generation directly from the Production Scheduling

  • Allows manual order entry

  • Backward scheduling from Customer required dates

  • PO generation from net demand relative to reorder levels

  • Machine scheduling assures that product and “qualified” equipment match

  • Solutions to equipment downs by splitting/running in alternative lines

  • Provides planning visibility and the opportunity to group like orders


  • Provide manufacturing operators order of production per equipment

  • Daily dispatch List by work center

  • Makes sure adequate resources are available for every build before start of production

  • Reduces labor cost associated with documenting and reconciling the error prone paper and pencil or spread sheets of the past

  • By eliminating potential conflicts on the factory floor, improves throughput while maintaining the lowest possible WIP inventory level

  • When delays do occur, management has instant visibility to issues and the system will automatically reschedule the production date and provide new estimated delivery date

  • Plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities


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