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Cantier MES Software

Cantier MES provides a cost effective, state of the art, fully integrated MES software suite.

Product Configuration

Defines the characteristics of every product or Parts

Product Configuration MES Software are used to define the characteristics of each and every product and parts/components/materials that make up the physical dimensions of these products. This module also is used to define the Manufacturing Process required to build, assemble them and finally Quality Plan to ensure the finished goods meet the overall product specification in terms of dimensions, functionalities, color schemes and cosmetic finish.

Product Specifications cover the following key areas:

  • Routing defines the sequence of processes involved in the manufacturing or assembly.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) and Technical Drawings define the components materials used/introduced in each process step defined in the Routing and physical dimensions of the product sizes.
  • Bill of Resources (BOR) defines the machine/tools/manpower and software which may be used in each routing step.
  • Rework Route shows routes available for units requiring rework due to “imperfection” of the finished goods (failing prescribed quality specifications).
  • Non-destructive and/or destructive strength and/or functional tests and visual inspection on final product cosmetic finish.


  • Revision and date control on BOM and technical drawings

  • Prescribe factory-specific parameters/ tools and equipment

  • Can be associated to a document enrolled in Document Control Centre (DCC)


  • Manages dynamic product configurations in the Shopfloor

  • Helps to generate reports on Product Revisions & BOM Structure by Product

  • Product specifications and configuration is the first step for MRP, Factory Planning and Scheduling and WIP


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