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Cantier MES Software

Cantier MES provides a cost effective, state of the art, fully integrated MES software suite.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Monitoring and controlling your manufacturing processes

Since the 1920’s manufacturers of products around the world have seen the need to use applied statistical methods to understand inherent process variation, reduce it and control it. The key characteristics of SPC are;

  • Used to monitor and control manufacturing processes
  • Assure the process is running at the highest process capability
  • Producing the minimum nonconforming, scrap and cost
  • Drives the process toward stability and continuous improvement

The Cantier SPC module accepts collected data, analyses the data based on user defined tests and helps you draw conclusions.


  • Data Collection, Extraction & Export

  • All Standard Variable Control Charts (i.e.: Xbar R, XbarS, etc.

  • All Standard Attributes Control Charts (i.e.; p, np, c, u, etc.).

  • Descriptive Statistics (i.e., Xbar, R, S, Cp, Cpk, Skewness, Kurtosis, etc.)

  • Graphical Representation (i.e. Frequency Distribution, Pareto, etc.)

  • Monitor key independent and dependent variables from the process

  • SPC accepts manual keyboard entries, as well as those from automated sources (i.e. metrology system with RS232, etc.)

  • SPC continuously acquires data from metrology systems, lab equipment & other sources you define, at a time interval you specify

  • SPC automatically calculates control chart limits for you

  • SPC runs as many of the standard control chart tests as you specify

  • Automatically analyses each data point and tests for out of control

  • Auto notification via screen, email or SMS messaging if an out of control condition is detected

  • SPC brings up OCAP for execution of predetermined action plans


  • Helps the factory understand common cause vs. special cause variation

  • Helps the factory know when to react to process variation

  • Helps the factory know when not to react to process variation

  • Keeps the factory aware of process capability for individual processes

  • Helps a resource limited factory prioritize continuous improvement efforts

  • Discrepant product & scrap reduction

  • Provides needed data for Internal, Customer or 3rd Party Audits


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