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WIP Traceability

Enabling traceability from Shop floor through Shipment

Traceability of manufactured products and genealogy data availability are key to certain industries for damage control purposes. This is particularly true for the following industries, namely Semiconductor, Electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical & surgical, military and defense. WIP Traceability MES Software must be able to track the Manufactured Products/materials as they flow in the production floor as well as record keeping of the parts source, material certificate number, batch number, date of manufacturing and inspection date etc. This vital genealogy information will facilitate quick recall of the identified defects and prevent further damages/ failure to the overall final product safety which at times, can be life threatening.

WIP Traceability captures the relevant data as part of the lot history including:

  • Batches/serial ID of material components used and replaced
  • Operator who worked on the lot
  • Machine/tool ID used in the process
  • Defect/rework breakdown

The system captures adequate data to correlate product quality with process parameters driving continuous process improvement.


  • Start Job Order based on Manufacturing Order

  • Generation of Lot Traveler Card (LTC) which may be viewed online

  • Generate Material Issuance Request (Pick List) to communicate material needed to process the Job

  • Split JOB into multiple lots

  • Move lot following the defined process flow

  • Account for defects identified as the lot undergoes process

  • QC gate data like sample size, disposition (pass or fail) and defect


  • Hold/Release problem lots

  • Merge multiple lots of same product in the same operation step

  • Rework defective units including replacing defective parts

  • Online history of lots processed

  • Transfer to FG to close lot in WIP

  • Process and Engineering Data Collection


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