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Key Challenges in Metal Precision and Fabrication Manufacturing Industry:

The Metal Precision and Fabrication Manufacturing Industry has faced many challenges over the past years, forcing manufacturers to revolutionize how they do things from their back-office systems to the machineries on the shop floor. The economic downturn obliged the industry to move towards small-scale providers. These fabricators suddenly has to reduce expenses without sacrificing quality and focus on waste reduction and optimizing production efficiency.

These industry dynamics mixed up to establish a situation in which the inefficiencies and industrial limitations of past years cannot be accepted anymore. To enable the fabricators to survive competition, different approaches to work faster and at lower costs with high quality results is a must. This can easily be achieved by having the Cantier Manufacturing Suite in place.

Other challenges of the industry are as follows:

  • Market demand is inherently variable, requiring increased flexibility in manufacturing
  • Globalization pressure on costs where standardization and innovative operation is needed
  • Excellent customer service as differentiation

How Cantier Manufacturing Suite can help you?

Cantier Manufacturing Suite can help improve efficiency, throughput, compliance, standardization, and other manufacturing matrices. It also can enable you to manage product variance, allows tracking of activities from shop floor to the top floor, assists traceability in production to reduce defects and ultimately improves your manufacturing costs.

Cantier Manufacturing Suite contains many features and maintain its user-friendliness to achieve quicker implementation.

Cantier Manufacturing Suite for the metal precision and fabrication industry integrates data and processes to give visibility into your customer demands, production operations and supply chain. It enables quicker response to shifting customer product combinations and shorter lead times. Moreover, this Cantier solution saves you time and money in the sourcing process, facilitates availability of raw materials when needed (just-in-time) at the best price. It can also improves equipment uptime and inventory use as economic as possible. Cantier Manufacturing Suite allows flexibility to adapt into lean manufacturing, with full management for both primary and contracted operations. Real-time flow of information assists your operation teams develop new and innovative products. Computerized lot control allocates and tracks orders with specific materials, including lot-based expiration dates to eliminate or reduce excessive or expired inventory.

Finally, to achieve capital efficiency in their production, having complete visibility of the shop floor thru the MES is critical, hence, seamless communication with their ERP is very important. This solution can provide your management team real-time view of sales orders, control of inventory costs, and timely action on work order changes, etc. on the production shop floor.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Feature-rich, easily justifiable and affordable MES solution

  • Available real-time information improves decision making, reduces costs

  • Easier compliance to international standards

  • Improve tracking of your WIP

  • Closely manage your product quality with quality management system

  • Data-driven problem solving in manufacturing leads to cost reduction.

  • Improved traceability of your manufactured products


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