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Key Challenges in Modular Construction Manufacturing Industry:

The Modular Construction Manufacturing Industry concept of bringing prefab homes to the masses has been around since early 20th century. Visionary architects have designed prototypes for modular housing. However, the ideas hardly took off from its prototypes – frequently disrupted by high budgets, low or no demand, building rules, and unexpected maintenance problems. However, rapid technological advances, ever increasing demand for energy efficiency and growing public preference for green design resulted in attracting interest for modular houses option by the architects, developers and buyers.

Today, many architects use hybrid approach, mixing both built on site and prefabricated elements in a single project. This allows to offer clients flexibility and highly customized details, while also taking advantage of the precision assembly and cost, materials and time savings of modular construction.

Other challenges:

  • Determination correct completion percentage of Onsite vs. Offsite Construction via modular technology
  • Estimating the correct economies of scale and Project Size
  • Project Timing – analyzing and evaluating time savings related to each element of modular construction
  • Effectively implement design modifications and change management

How Cantier Manufacturing Suite can help you?

Cantier MES can enable Modular Construction Manufacturing Industry to have total visibility on availability of materials, human resource readiness, project progress status, warehouse and WIP inventories, module build sequencing, equipment capacity and good traceability of incoming material and outgoing finished goods.

Cantier Manufacturing Execution System (MES) will help you achieve and maximize these goals in modular constructions without deploying excessive human resource to better manage these activities.

For manufacturers to achieve capital efficiency in their production, having complete visibility of the shop floor thru the MES is critical, hence, seamless communication with their ERP is very important. This provides management real-time view of sales orders, control of inventory costs, and timely action on work order changes, etc. on the production shop floor.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Streamline purchase activities based on Material Take-Off/ BOM on different module

  • Execute plan and schedule daily production based on available resource at optimal levels

  • Schedule Simulation – “what-if” scenarios using Cantier production schedule simulation

  • Work-In-Progress (WIP) to minimize waste and ensure on-time delivery

  • Information presented to concerned parties via internet or intranet portal

  • Monitor and control finished product quality and

  • Record piping and structure fabrication

  • Display non-destructive test (NDT) results

  • Real-time identification of bottlenecks in your manufacturing processes

  • Highly-scalable, multi-site deploy with minimal interruption to your factory floors

  • Improved traceability of manufactured products


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