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Consumers require lower COST and it is inevitable to continuously drive the COST down in Semiconductor & Electronics Manufacturing

To reduce cost, manufacturers must optimize planning & scheduling, reduce scrap, stock levels and downtimes, improve traceability, visibility, Quality and productivity while compiling the regulatory demands across global manufacturing ecosystem.

Several software tools, legacy applications requiring third party integrations results higher cost and complexity.

Lack of communication and integration between human, equipment, software and processes are contributing to inefficiency and higher cost.

Semiconductor and Electronic manufacturers collect massive amounts of data today. But that data without context prevents the evolution to SMART Manufacturing.

Cantier MES for Semiconductor & Electronics:

Industry 4.0 aligned Cantier MES helps you to effectively replace a patch work of legacy applications, with a Single integrated Manufacturing Suite that encompasses Product Configuration, Planning & Scheduling, WIP Traceability & Genealogy, Data collection, SPC, DCC, Equipment Maintenance & OEE.

With Equipment Automation, Cell Controllers & Data collection with IoT Sensor capabilities, Cantier provides an integrated Solution towards SMART Manufacturing.


  • Real-Time Traceability : Track any product past or present across the entire supply chain. Traceability includes genealogy of materials used, processes and equipment utilized, quality data collected, anomalies, dates and times.

  • Reduced Cycle Time/Improved On Time Delivery : With the right resources allocated optimally and keeping the equipment uptime high, cycle time reduces and making deliveries On Time becomes predictable.

  • Improved Yield/Reduce Scrap : With real time data collection directly from manufacturing equipment, metrology equipment, IIoT sensors, and others, the factory has the ability to perform root-cause-analysis and drive down defects.

  • Increased Capacity : Capacity improvements are a result of improving Yield, Equipment Uptime, Machine Speed and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

  • Reduce Risk Exposure to Quality Incidents : Cantier MES ensures that the right raw material, correct tools and equipment parameters are used, thereby preventing quality incidents.

  • Shop Floor to Top Floor Visibility : With the ERP/Financial integration using the Cantier MES, all levels of management have the real-time visibility to the Shop Floor and the Financial impact.

  • Improved Supply Chain : Reduce upstream and downstream supply chain distruptions through real-time information and seamless integration with ERP Supply Chain Modules.

  • Flexible Hosting : Cantier MES is available either in both On Premise and Cloud.

  • Total Cost of Ownership : Cantier’s industry specific integrated MES suite eliminates multiple software licenses and upgrades, integration cost and customization requirements.


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