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Key Challenges in Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Industry:

  • Cyclical nature of business
  • Maintaining market competitiveness by improving overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • Having the capacity to meet demand
  • Improving Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Rising costs of capital investment and R&D
  • Identifying improvement levers relating to each component of ROIC
  • Reducing manufacturing “defects” thru instant ECN implementation
  • Reducing product field failures and manufacturing costs with Six Sigma and Lean
  • Identifying the sources of value destruction

How Cantier Manufacturing Suite can help you?

CantierTM MES was developed to specifically serving the Semiconductor Electronics Manufacturing Industry over the last decade.

Cantier MES can enable you to have:

  • human resource readiness,
  • module build sequencing,
  • real-time visibility of equipment capacity and status
  • traceability of incoming material and outgoing finished goods, and
  • material availability report (warehouse and WIP inventories),
  • timely project progress status report generation

In summary, CantierTM MES provides the shortest path for your company to achieve its goals.

For manufacturers to achieve capital efficiency in their production, having complete visibility of the shop floor thru the MES is critical, hence, seamless communication with their ERP is very important. This provides management real-time view of sales orders, control of inventory costs, and timely action on work order changes, etc. on the production shop floor.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Enabling to achieve a paperless manufacturing

  • Quick isolation of bottlenecks, reduced constraints & higher capital productivity

  • Better product traceability

  • Reduced manufacturing costs

  • Improved evaluation of equipment utilization

  • Reduced manufacturing cycle time and late customer shipments

  • Improved lot planning, as a result of more in-depth understanding of line flow

  • Accurate manufacturing and engineering data collection


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