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Cantier MES Software

Cantier MES provides a cost effective, state of the art, fully integrated MES software suite.

Shop Floor Inventory

Once withdrawn the materials and spare parts from the warehouse, several factories have no control over the materials, and spare parts lying on the shop floor. They even treat them as expenses directly upon withdrawal from the warehouse. This can be addressed and tracked using Shop Floor inventory that is part of Cantier MES.

The Shop Floor Inventory Management records all movements of stock, from receipt, inspection, transfers and issuance in the shop floor. With the help of Factory Planning MRP run, MES calculates the required materials for their upcoming production in their line or site and request the necessary materials from thei warehouse for their kitting activity. At any given time, we can view the details of inventories by site, line, process or even per equipment.


  • Supports production kitting, material returns and inventory adjustments

  • Provides item tracking by lot number, serial number and expiration date

  • Locations can represent warehouses, areas, bins, trucks, etc

  • User defined item categories

  • Operates by supplier part number and has unit of measure conversion

  • Maintain traceability from supplier part number to factory part number

  • Barcode capabilities with cross reference

  • Supports stock status and transaction inquiries

  • Record levels can be set as minimum order, lead days, order multiple


  • Reduce cost by limiting inventory to a minimum

  • Eliminate stock-outs via system generated auto replenishment and avoid delayed customer deliveries

  • Analyze trends in withdrawals and usage

  • Just-in-time inventory helps to eliminate wastage and thus reduce cost

  • Timely decision-making based on real time data

  • Ease of running your business with real-time insights


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