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Key Challenges in Sugar Industry and Ethanol Manufacturing Industry:

Similar with other food and chemical industries, the Sugar Industry and Ethanol Manufacturing Industry are facing important sustainability issues. The marginal and unstable profitability for sugar, the demand to produce alternatives to petroleum-based fuels and reduction of greenhouse gases are putting pressure on the industries to diversify for sustainability.

In sugar manufacturing, there is a demand to produce very high purity and very low color raw sugars as primary ingredient to produce food products. All biomass from the sugarcane plants including tops and leaves, are being intensely investigated for utilization, including cogeneration of both heat and bioelectricity. Sugar is expected to be the “new oil” as sugar is an exceptional feedstock for the production of platform chemicals. Sugar lately became a major ingredient for the manufacture of a range of end-products, for example, bioplastics, etc. Sugarcane fits well into a renewable carbohydrate feedstock for fuel ethanol production because of its availability. Also, amongst the plants, provides the highest production of carbohydrates per hectare.

  • Globalization, increasing urbanization, industry consolidation, and entry of new players
  • Climate-change affects agricultural yield, ageing factory affecting capacity and yield improvement
  • Collaboration with NGOs in multi-environmental stakeholder initiatives to comply with environmental regulations.

How Cantier Manufacturing Suite can help you?

The system provides you with several customized tools specific to your sugar and ethanol manufacturing industry, such as enabling forecasting raw material supply and demands correctly. The Cantier MES has evolved greatly from a simple inventory system to a more elaborate MRP (material requirements planning) that helps minimize unnecessary purchase of raw material to a continuous, real-time, auto-adjusted actual BOM usage quantity, ensuring safe stock level with MOQ and delivery lead time.

CantierTM MES lets you preview seasonal demand, available raw material and compiled current incoming raw material useable concentration, real-time adjusted Bill Of Material (BOM) quantity and production capacity to arrive production volume to meet these market demands.

Cantier system also helps you manage supply chain and monitoring of plant equipment and facilities in an effective way. This is to ensure continuous operation – a vital component in enabling you to meet product quality specifications and at the same time produce output quantity as planned and scheduled.

CantierTM MES incorporates real-time equipment parametric interface to capture vital SPC data, quality of the manufactured products are closely monitored. Data collection can be real-time in critical operation by interfacing with the specific equipment’s communication port via RS232, USB or TCP/IP Ethernet protocols.

Having Cantier MES, timely production data input and capture, enables continuous monitoring of all processes. Automatic feedback mechanism triggers for any deviation and alarms can be set for both upper and lower limits on parameters such as temperature, flow rate, concentration fluctuation etc. to the relevant personnel for swift corrective actions, when necessary. All of these can help prevent almost any failure which is very costly and catastrophic in a continuous processing plant.

For manufacturers to achieve capital efficiency in their production, having complete visibility of the shop floor thru the MES is critical, hence, seamless communication with their ERP is very important. This provides management real-time view of sales orders, control of inventory costs, and timely action on work order changes, etc. on the production shop floor.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Material Requirement Planning sub-system enables material requirement forecasting correctly

  • Data collection in real-time helps manage your supply chain

  • Parameterized Work-in-Process, upper and lower limits, monitoring triggers out-of-bound alarms for quick corrective actions

  • Data collection in real-time

  • Parameterize upper and lower limits for processes flow monitoring, to trigger out-of-bound alarms for quick corrective actions


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